These days families are faced with major tough economic times. As a wife of a veteran being kicked out of home by self help tactics (i.e LL shutting off utilities) Mr. Heney would do nothing to help! My request was for LAR as I have children and am being faced with an awful situtaion. His Real Estate knowledge would have been a wonderful help. As a mother who lost her son to suicide and now works within the school system on the anti-bullying laws and donates her time to others, I was seeking an act of kindness. Instead I got, "we can't do pro-bono" you might want to call the bar otherwise you would need to hire us. That cost upfront was $1,000. I haven't had to call an atty before and for some reason with the money put into the LAR program and grans towards probono I am wondering how to get help. Clearly not from this firm.

Upon requesting that he might consider me for a LAR (limited representation) he was unsure of what that was and after defined, said he does not do that.

He must have some really big clients to keep his pockets full. Not an atty for the people!!