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Stephen J Spano

About Stephen Spano

About me

My mother suffered from Alzheimer's Disease.  When, she and my father sought out the advice of an attorney for their estate planning (before I became an attorney), that attorney was insensitive and did not take their financial situation and personal needs into consideration.  As a result, my parents failed to follow up, take action and create a plan.


I had earlier worked with two gerontologists who developed a system to allow people to age at home with dignity and independence.  That work inspired me to work to help others, like my mom and dad, to live with dignity and independence.  That simple system started by those town gerontologists (who were husband and wife) became the Lifeline System!


As a result of the experience of my mom and dad, I decided, while my mom was still in her early stages of dementia (Alzheimer's Disease is a form of dementia), to go to law school and become an elder law and estate planning attorney.

My Bachelor's degree in Psychology and empathy for those like my mom was a primary influence in my decision to help others.  I realized I would be able to combine my passion for those like my mom and dad with my Psychology education , experience in helping people live with dignity and independence as well as my Masters Degree in Business so that I would be able to offer sound financial and tax advice in addition to caring for the person, their family and their legal needs.

My dad took great care of my mom.  She passed away in January of 2002 after suffering many years with this terrible disease.  I have been privileged, along with my wife, who is also my law partner, to help thousands of others like my mom and dad.

Yes, we also plan for young families, families with young children, families with disabled children as well as those in the middle of their career, at retirement and beyond.  As a result of my business education and experience, we counsel businesses and help families pass their business to the next generation.  But I never forget it was my mom that not only brought me into this world, she inspired me to help others.