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Patrick J Martin

Patrick Martin’s Answers

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  • Will my fiancee's prior bankruptcy filing affect my credit when we marry?

    I have excellent credit, a home, and a good job.Should I wait for her to get the discharge?

    Patrick’s Answer

    You are not part of the bankruptcy, so it will not affect your credit.

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  • If i file bankruptcy with mortgage 6 mo. pass due can i still keep my house?

    6 months ago i paid national loan resolution center 2000.00 dollars to take care of my loan mod they stole my cash and didnt help,now it seems like my options are to foreclose,short sale or maybe bankruptcy.

    Patrick’s Answer

    A Chapter 13 bankruptcy would allow you to pay your mortgage arrears over a period of three to five years, in addition to your regular mortgage payment, while you remain in your home. Best of luck.

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