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At work and at home, I see my job as making senes out of chaos. To do so, one has to understand what is doable and fashion a solution that not only works on paper but in practice. Often, I find fiscal and family issues are intertwined. I find that I can help as  I understand many family issues as  have a wife and four kids including red heads  plus a dog and a cat. Plus my parents live nearby and I have  a brother who seems every year or two  to get involved in new business venttures  that always somehow  have  many unexpected  complications.


 I help resolves issues in my community. My house of worship has asked to me to resolve apparently unresolvable issues such as a heated dispute about the layout of cemetary between two grieving families and a hotel that was understood to have accepted reservations for its hall on  Yom Kippur from both a jewish gay group as well as traditional Orthodox Jewish Congregation.Using  honesty, creativity  and empathy mixed with a dash of dry humor have allowed me to help people and corporations  to meet and resolve  challenges in ones personal and business life. 

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