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  1. What are my legal rights?

    Answered about 3 years ago.

    1. Thomas J Callahan
    2. Yuliya M. Fisher-Nayyer
    3. Megan J Mahoney
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    Have there been any visitation/custody orders in the past? I am assuming since he pays from his SS check, his paternity has been established. If there have not been any orders, he could file for visits, if he really wanted to have contact with her. However, it seems that his contact is very inconsistent. There are ways to protect your daughter - i.e. supervised visits - if he ever did decide to file for them. It seems that there is more aggravation and fear on your part than anything...

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  2. I am an unmarried mother of two and i want to take my kids and move out of state. the father of them has another child and the c

    Answered over 2 years ago.

    1. Philip W. Mason
    2. Karen M. Buckley
    3. Yuliya M. Fisher-Nayyer
    4. Henry Lebensbaum
    5. Lisa Douglas
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    I would not advise you to do anything that would change his visitation rights in any way. I.e. if your move would make it impossible for him to see your kids, as per order of the court. If you do not obtain his permission to move/ change the visitation order or permission of the court, the father could go to court. He could ask for his order to be enforced/ state that you are violating his visitation rights and you could be ordered to bring the children back to MA. I have seen judges give...

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