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  1. What type of lawyer do I need if any?

    Answered almost 5 years ago.

    1. Andrew J. Kadets
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    You will want to find a civil litigation attorney to contact Applebee's on your behalf. Often a lawyer handling personal injury will handle such a case even though it does not involve a physical injury. However, please keep in mind that your case may be difficult to turn into significant monetary reward. While certainly a frustrating and humiliating, in most cases a restaurant owner will have discretion to ask a patron to leave the premises if he feels they caused a disturbance (even though...

  2. What type of lawyer do I need?

    Answered almost 5 years ago.

    1. Thuong-Tri Nguyen
    2. Jason Austin Joseph Lundberg
    3. Andrew J. Kadets
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    It sounds like you will need a lawyer to cover a few different areas, criminial to striaghten out the traffic violation and civil to correct any identity theft issues. I would recommend that you find an attorney who handles both civil and criminal litigation because you are going to need some expertise in both areas. The good news is that such a lawyer should not be difficult to find. A large percentage of litigation attorneys will practice in both civil and criminal litigation. If you...