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Saher Macarius’s client reviews

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  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by a Immigration client

    Brilliant, Honest, Trustwothy, Successful, Humble and Devoted to the Lord and the Law (in that order)!

    Attorney Macarius did an excellent job of handling my case. I was detained and in removal proceedings after my religious asylum appeal by a different immigration lawyer was denied. I was detained by INS and feeling hopeless and scared to death in jail; I thought sure I might be deported and sent back to my persecuters in Egypt.
    Mr. Macarius was successful in re-opening my religious asylum case, getting me out of jail, and giving me hope and a new plan (and new case) for asylum. He was clever, extremely thorough, always positive (but never arrogant) and so, so patient. He said he used to be a police officer many years ago in Egypt, and the best of that background is still in the way he looks at everything, it seems. He is METICULOUS and precise, but with what really matters. He prepares well for what may NEVER happen or get asked, as well as what WILL, so there'll be no surprises in court. He looked at every angle, anticipated every move from all sides, and knew exactly what to present to the court to prove I had been persecuted. He encouraged me when I was at my lowest... he even prayed with me and for me, as we share the same faith and he has a great love and devotion to Jesus Christ. I felt respected and valued as a client, always.
    I NOW HAVE MY GREEN CARD!!!!!! :) I know I never would have come this far without his bold but cautious persistence-- he talks like a lamb but do not let that fool you; he knows how and when to strike like a lion. He is a brilliant and at the same time a very modest man, and I would trust him (again) with my life, without question -- but I know where he draws his strength, and I know He answers to a Higher Authority -- the Lord -- and that is why he doesn't care to accept praise from others for his success , though he is was as joyful as I was when my case was approved. He treats the business of law like a calling, not a business. He took my very, very complicated case and worked every angle to its best benefit. Even if I had lost, I am certain that I could not have been better served by any other immigration lawyer in the Greater Boston area. He is also very fair with his fees, and his staff are the kindest, most helpful people I've ever worked with-- I feel calm just being in his office, and it feels and looks like a house, not an office. Many of the staff (in addition ot Mr. Macarius) speak Arabic, which was a great help to me. God bless this man who treats everyone from every background with respect and kindness. I pray he lives well and long to serve and help many more people from persecuted areas in the world!!

  • 5.0 stars

    Posted by Mina

    Excellent lawyer

    Mr.Saher has been my wife lawyer in an immigration case

    My Name is Mina Luke and my wife name is Lydia Luke

    Mr.Saher managed to resolve most of our issues and paper work perfectly even before showing up in the united states

    Mr.Saher cancelled his Flight ticket when we were late at the immigration office for a reason he wasn't a cause of

    Mr.Saher is blessed with a team full of support and dedication specially Mark Macarious who always bear our anger during the case hard time