Jeffrey Goldstein is an outstanding attorney and a very respectful and understanding man. He stood behind me in a time of great need and helped me more than I could ever thank him enough for. After being charged with multiple repeat offenses I was sure I had driven my life into the ground. After all the wrong I had done, Jeff still supported me and fought to help me turn it all around. He managed to make FOUR different judges see the good and the potential in me, and I was granted a second chance. I was given a continuance without a finding in each case. Jeff persisted to back me throughout the entire probation process. I was then awarded dismissals for all charges! Since then I have graduated from trade school and am working very hard toward my new career. If it weren't for Jeffrey Goldstein I never would have been able to make this come back. I will owe all of my future success to him. Thank you Jeff, I wouldn't recommend any other attorney.