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Dennis Buckley’s client reviews

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Review Dennis Buckley
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    Posted by a Criminal Defense client

    why this man is a disgrace to the legal system. he has failed to represent me when i was under the legal limit.

    i am writing this review to warn the general public, especially poor people like myself that do odd jobs to earn a liveing, i am a painter and a handy man here in massachusetts. i was convicted of oui last summer when i was under the legal limit. like .o6 not point o8. yet the da still wishes to revoke my license. i have no friends or family who can drive me to the places i have to work if my license is suspended, this man just wants me to plee guilty and pay fines i truly cannot afford and will not even work with me as his client to help me find a way to get a temporary hard ship license if my real license is suspended, he seems to be on the district attorneys side not mine, he never returns my calls and when i finally met with him in his office to discuss my situation with him as i described, he was cold, and had no interest in helping me prepare a defense that at the very least would help me be able to at least drive to work during normal buisness hours, this man talks the talk but does not walk the walk. i have the right to publicly say that this man is more interested in getting me to plee guilty and pay unreasonable fines to the commonwealth than defend me. when i was upfront with him and told him how i felt about his treatment towards me, he now chooses to withdraw from representing me, then he contacts my father on his private cell phone number without my permission, this man dennis buckley is in my opinion a total disgrace to the legal system here in the united states, he should be reported to the national bar association and a formal hearing should be held so they can determine whether this individual should be allowed to practice law here in massachusetts or any other state,