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  1. I was a passenger of a car accident that was 100% the other drivers fault can i sue both insurance

    Answered over 2 years ago.

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    Yes, you can sue both, but it is usually beneficial to see whether you or the other driver has the higher insurance coverage. In Massachusetts the minimum coverage is 20,000 per person 40,000 per accident. Some drivers elect to increase their coverage, however, and that is the insurance company you are more likely to recover greater amounts from.

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  2. Will an attorney take a case where a Dr. performed a procedure incorrectly that led to major complications without pay up front?

    Answered 30 days ago.

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    You should speak to a California attorney. Although it is possible that the adverse outcome that your mother experienced was an inherent risk of the procedure, it is also possible that the doctor did not use an accepted practice in performing the surgery. A medical malpractice attorney will be able to help answer your question. Most medical malpractice attorneys will take a case like this on a contingent fee basis if they believe that it is worth pursuing.

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  3. My mom is trying to move to NC and leave my dad here. She wants to sell the house and she saw a lawyer and they told her divorce

    Answered 30 days ago.

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    It sounds like your father needs to speak with a divorce attorney. He should not sign any papers without speaking with an attorney first.

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  4. Can I legally kick my 28 year old daughter out of my house since she has never paid rent?

    Answered 30 days ago.

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    As long as she has not paid rent, she would not have the rights of a tenant to stay in your house. You would be able to call the police and have them remove her from your household.