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Stephen H Newman

Stephen Newman’s client reviews

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  • A fighter who cares

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Carlos

    Steve Newman is the best lawyer I've ever had contact with. the moment I was booked into jail several inmates told me that he had been their lawyer and had won their cases, so I decided to give him a try. it was the best decision I could have made. Steve visited me in jail several times just to visit and check on me - without legal reason - just one example of how he went above and beyond the call of duty, even meeting with me several times in his office without an appointment or a bill. Now, even two years later, he still occasionally checks on my ongoing welfare. He fights. He cares. He WINS. My former experience with lawyers is of being treated almost like an annoyance; as if I'm merely a file they want off their desk so they can move on. My previous attorneys all took the paths of least resistance, not filing motions to exclude evidence, or doing any other possible preparation to help my odds. Then, without exception all of them tried to push me to accept the first deal the state offered before they had even done any work to see if I had any pre-trial issues, or if I might be innocent. Steve was the antithesis of that. He looked for and utilized every possible fact or law in my favor, and never tried to get me to take a deal that he knew I didn't want. Despite all that, he had a good relationship with the A.D.A's and was respected by the judges. In the end, he was able to exclude much of the state's evidence and get the case dismissed. I would never hire any other lawyer again.

  • Great lawyer: a caring, complete advocate who goes above and beyond!

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Serene

    Unfortunately, I have had to hire legal representation several times, three of those times involving criminal matters. Mr. Newman was appointed by the court to represent me concerning extradition to Oklahoma for misdemeanor marijuana possession and bail jumping charges. Although his hands were tied almost completely, he fought for me in every way possible, including filing any and every relevant motion, taking the time to visit me in the Chicopee jail near weekly, keeping my fiancé updated, and consoling me through it all. He was clearly respected and well liked by the three separate judges we appeared in front of, and in at least one hearing, the ADA seemed intimidated and thrown off her game by his persuasive arguments and their effect on the court. Most impressive and vital to me, however, was what he did after his representation of me was complete. Due to a clerical error, Oklahoma County mistakenly continued to hold me after the judge there released me. I could get no information while in their jail, my fiancé, after dozens of calls, knew my continued incarceration there was a mistake, yet was powerless to correct it, and even my attorney in Oklahoma couldn't be bothered to correct the issue. Finally, after nearly two weeks in Oklahoma County limbo, my fiancé, out of options and near desperation, contacted Mr. Newman for help. He owed me nothing more at that point. He had more than done his duty toward me. Nonetheless, he once again, on his own time, made calls, contacted judges, and saw to my release. If all attorneys were like this particular credit to the bar, there would be no lawyer jokes. One final note: when my fellow inmates here in Chicopee discovered that Mr. Newman was representing me, I was unanimously told how lucky I was. His reputation goes beyond his decency, hard work, and attention. Steve Newman is best known for one thing - he is a winner. If ever a friend or family member found themselves caught in the snares of the Justice System, I would recommend that they take a loan on their house, sell their car, or whatever it took to assure that Mr. Newman represented them. And I would not hesitate to do the same, and more, for myself. If you are in trouble, there is no better friend and advocate to have by your side.

  • Great Character

    5.0 stars

    Posted by Lou

    I found Attorney Newman to be very engaging and professional with full knowlege and expertise specifically regarding my case and concerns.

    I highly recommend Attorney Newman to anyone