Appeals Lawyers

Why hire an Appeals attorney?

Experienced appellate attorneys will assume the various aspects of an appeal, including preparation for trial, consultations at the trial court level, and editing briefs and preparing oral arguments. To avoid losing your appeal on a technicality, you will want to file with an accomplished appellate attorney who is experienced in trial court and arguing appeals. Find an appellate attorney experienced in the area of law according to your case, from commercial to personal injury to real estate.

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Did You Know?

Only 13% of cases appealed end with the original ruling reversed.
* Sources: %209.30.13.pdf
  • How an Attorney can help you Appeal an Unemployment Benefits Denial in NC


View Attorneys with experience in related areas

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Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with violating a law or if you are suspected of a crime, a criminal defense attorney can present your case and negotiate a favorable outcome. Whether you are charged with a serious felony such as assault or a misdemeanor such as petty theft, it is important to have a lawyer who understands each offense and the different procedures and regulations that apply. Find a criminal defense attorney familiar with your type of case in order to have the best chance at proving your innocence.

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Lawsuits & Disputes

A lawyer who works extensively with disputes can review your documents and your grounds for a lawsuit and advise you on the best path to follow. A lawsuits and disputes attorney understands lawsuits are time consuming and expensive and will accommodate your time constraints and monetary needs. Your lawsuits and disputes lawyer will present to you the different means to resolve your dispute besides litigation, such as arbitration.

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If you have a dispute with someone but wish to settle it outside the court system, you will want to seek out a skilled arbitration attorney. You and the other person will agree upon a third person as arbitrator who will judge the case and choose who wins. The benefit of having an arbitration attorney is that you can present your side for an impartial arbitrator to decide while still saving the time and expense of going through a lawsuit.

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A litigation attorney works with you if you have an issue and want to sue. Your litigation lawyer will help you decide if your case is worthy of a lawsuit or if it would have a better outcome through mediation or arbitration. A litigation attorney offers a range of services, including researching the facts of the dispute, understanding the application of the law, and analyzing your rights.