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I was beyond embarrassed to file bankruptcy, but Marji was exceptionally warm, friendly, and knowledgeable.... more
Salt Lake City  Marji Hanson

Marji Hanson

Salt Lake City, UT Bankruptcy / Debt
Avvo rating 8.2
Marco Brown was our handicapped son's attorney when we went to court this summer to get limited guardianship.... more
Salt Lake City  Marco C. Brown

Marco Brown

Salt Lake City, UT Divorce / Separation
Avvo rating 9.1
Lorenzo was a life-saver for me. He was extremely knowledge and all around great lawyer and guy. Right from... more
Salt Lake City  Lorenzo K Miller

Lorenzo Miller

Salt Lake City, UT Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 9.0
Edward successfully defended me in a fraud action brought against me by a large Utah bank. It was just the... more
Salt Lake City  Edward J. Stone

Edward Stone

Salt Lake City, UT Bankruptcy / Debt
Avvo rating 6.3
We hired David Hancock after we hire him everything went bad it was like a different person. He just did... more
Salt Lake City  David B Hancock

David Hancock

Salt Lake City, UT Banking
Avvo rating 6.7
In April of 2013 I met with Gerry after the death of a very close friend and gave him a check for $1,000.00... more
Salt Lake City  Gerald M Conder

Gerald Conder

Salt Lake City, UT Probate
Avvo rating 6.7
My sister hired Trupiano Law for her husband’s immigration case and federal case. I was impressed with Kim... more
Salt Lake City  Kimberly J Trupiano

Kimberly Trupiano

Salt Lake City, UT Litigation
Avvo rating 6.0
I hired Cory to help me with a very difficult custody case and he was able to get me the custody of my... more
Salt Lake City  Cory R Wall

Cory Wall

Salt Lake City, UT Divorce / Separation
Avvo rating 7.5


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Salt Lake City's founding differed from nearly all other western cities, in that it was not founded by a group of unassociated individuals. Instead, an organized group of Mormons founded the city with the goal of establishing a self-sufficient city in the wilderness. For almost a generation, Salt Lake City was just that.

However, the completion of a transcontinental railroad in 1869 changed the isolated nature of the area, and Salt Lake City increasingly became a reflection of the nation as a whole. While the Mormon church remains a major factor in Salt Lake City today, less than half of the population identify as Mormons.