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Doing what he asked, was charged with something I didn't do, Shawn crossed the witnesses and the prosecuting... more
San Antonio  Shawn Christopher Brown

Shawn Brown

San Antonio, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 8.8
Marlene is an excellent attorney. Rare combination of intelligent and smartness.She was able to read in... more
San Antonio  Marlene M. Martin

Marlene Martin

San Antonio, TX Business
Avvo rating 7.2
I was involved in a 3 car accident with each pointing the finger at each other. Because of his diligence and... more
San Antonio  Thomas Andrew Crosley

Thomas Crosley

San Antonio, TX Car Accidents
Avvo rating 10.0
We had the honor of working with one of the finest Attorneys that I have ever seen (in both the public and... more
San Antonio  Blakely Ian Mohr

Blakely Mohr

San Antonio, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 10.0
Daniel was always available. He was considerate and helpful. If he didn't know the answer he found it or... more
San Antonio  Daniel Joseph Palmer

Daniel Palmer

San Antonio, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 9.4
I needed assistance for a divorce on a short turnaround since I was moving out of state. Mr. Clay set an... more
San Antonio  James Michael Clay

James Clay

San Antonio, TX Family
Avvo rating 7.6
I contacted Joyner and Joyner on a speeding ticket. They were able to get ticket dismissed and worked with me... more
San Antonio  Jonathan Kuipers Joyner

Jonathan Joyner

San Antonio, TX Litigation
Avvo rating 7.1
I have used Mr. Gossen twice now for speeding tickets , and I have found him to extremely efficient in taking... more
San Antonio  Matthew Neal Gossen

Matthew Gossen

San Antonio, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 8.3


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San Antonio is the site of the most popular tourist destination in Texas, the Alamo. Originally intended as a Catholic mission, the Alamo was more military garrison than missionary outpost by the time of the famous 1836 battle.

One hundred eighty-nine defenders from the newly-formed Republic of Texas fought against 1,800 Mexican soldiers in a brave but ultimately unsuccessful defense. However, the fortress became a rallying point for the Republic of Texas. Cries of "Remember the Alamo" led many to join the Texan army. Texas went on to defeat the Mexican forces later that year in the Battle of San Jacinto.