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My divorce case begin in 2010 and continues to need changing. Mr. Chidgey has been my atty since the... more
Fort Worth  John-Paul Chidgey

John-Paul Chidgey

Fort Worth, TX Divorce & Separation
Avvo rating Attention
Thank you Martin Valko, Berenice and the entire team at Chavez & Valko LLP for helping me to obtain my H1B.... more
Fort Worth  Martin Valko

Martin Valko

Fort Worth, TX Immigration
Avvo rating 10.0
Unfortunately The dice haven't been rolling in my favor the last couple years. Through the grace of God I... more
Fort Worth  Samuel R. Terry

Samuel Terry

Fort Worth, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 9.3
When I first consulted with Justin Sparks I was very unaware of how the legal system works. He explained... more
Fort Worth  Justin Marshall Sparks

Justin Sparks

Fort Worth, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 8.4
Tom and Whitney are the ultimate professionals. Communication with them was thorough and totally up-front...... more
Fort Worth  Tom Max Thomas II

Tom Thomas

Fort Worth, TX Debt Settlement
Avvo rating 10.0
Mr. Kennedy is a very experienced criminal defense lawyer who is well connected and keeps his clients up to... more
Fort Worth  Jeffrey C. Kennedy

Jeffrey Kennedy

Fort Worth, TX DUI & DWI
Avvo rating 10.0
Tom was great!! Very happy I found him. I'm a single mom with three children and he was able to help me. He'... more
Fort Worth  Tom Max Thomas II

Tom Thomas

Fort Worth, TX Debt Settlement
Avvo rating 10.0
Tyler took my case when it clearly was a low percentage case to win. He treated me like royalty and like I... more
Fort Worth  Tyler Gene Thomas

Tyler Thomas

Fort Worth, TX Personal Injury
Avvo rating 6.9


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In 1872, Fort Worth was in a prime position for growth. The city was expanding, and a railroad was being laid near the town. Then the Wall Street firm that served as the financial backer to the railroad collapsed. A mass exodus from Fort Worth followed, with some 75% of the population leaving.

A local citizen soon claimed that the city was so deserted he had seen a panther napping by the courthouse. While doubtless intended to mock the city, the city instead seized on the panther as a mascot. To this day, "Panther City" is the unofficial nickname of Fort Worth, and a statue of a panther stands by the Tarrant County Administration Building.