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my attorney perform an excellent job with courtesy dedication and honesty so I am glad to have miss labinoti... more
El Paso  Daniela Labinoti

Daniela Labinoti

El Paso, TX Personal Injury
Avvo rating 7.2
Being a court appointed attorney it is understandable that this lawyer may not wish to show up to the set... more
El Paso  Ignacio Pratti Estrada

Ignacio Estrada

El Paso, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 4.9
Mr. Morales responded to my email request immediately. His voice and tone was professional and sincere. He... more
El Paso  Rafael C Morales

Rafael Morales

El Paso, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 10.0
My case was settled with and was successful, the lawyers were professional and contacted me back usually in a... more
El Paso  Felipe D. Millan

Felipe Millan

El Paso, TX Immigration
Avvo rating 7.6
I Hortencia Ruiz personally recommended Mr. Lovett to my friends and Family. He's not only a great lawyer,... more
El Paso  Robert L. Lovett

Robert Lovett

El Paso, TX Car Accidents
Avvo rating 8.4
The team at Villalobos & Moore couldn't be any better! They are all kind, attentive to their clients, spend... more
El Paso  John Benjamin Moore

John Moore

El Paso, TX Immigration
Avvo rating 7.5
While he was unable to assist me with the issue I had, he was prompt in his response as well as courteous.
El Paso  Roger C. Davie

Roger Davie

El Paso, TX Wrongful Termination
Avvo rating 10.0
fear was inlero ,my mind when considering the consequences of charges made. Ms Caballero was assuring and... more
El Paso  Theresa Caballero

Theresa Caballero

El Paso, TX Lawyer
Avvo rating Attention


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Sandra Day O'Connor, the first female Supreme Court justice, was born in El Paso, Texas. She was nominated by President Ronald Reagan in 1981, and served for 24 years until her retirement in 2005.

O'Connor was widely regarded as a swing vote on many issues, and received praise from both parties for her tenure with the court.

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