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If you are reading this review, look no further. You have truly found the best attorney you will ever meet.... more
Austin  Chris Bourgeacq

Chris Bourgeacq

Austin, TX Employment & Labor
Avvo rating 8.0
Ms. Seelig was wonderful to work with. She is very dedicated, and knows what she is doing inside, and out.... more
Austin  Olga Seelig

Olga Seelig

Austin, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 7.4
I was assigned to Mr. Chris Sharp by my insurance company in a matter with my professional licensing board.... more
Austin  Christopher G. Sharp

Christopher Sharp

Austin, TX Health Care
Avvo rating 9.5
I'm happy to say that I have dealt with lawyer Hopkins regarding a medical board complaint. he was... more
Austin  Eugene Franklin Hopkins IV

Eugene Hopkins

Austin, TX Administrative Law
Avvo rating 10.0
Tim was great! He was very straight forward and honest about my case, and he was able to pull some strings to... more
Austin  Timothy E. Weitz

Timothy Weitz

Austin, TX Health Care
Avvo rating 10.0
I found the lawyer and staff at the Christensen Law Firm very helpful, considerate and interested in my case.... more
Austin  Laura Patricia Ramos

Laura Ramos

Austin, TX Lawyer
Avvo rating No concern
Just a word to express my gratitude and thanks for lawyer Ryan Dougay who worked tirelessly to represent me... more
Austin  Ryan Shayne Dougay

Ryan Dougay

Austin, TX Litigation
Avvo rating 7.3
Ryan helped me when it seemed all hope was lost. I was involved in a nasty custody battle that my previous... more
Austin  Ryan Shayne Dougay

Ryan Dougay

Austin, TX Litigation
Avvo rating 7.3


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