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We are being burdened once again with the Contract for Sale that should have been dealt with the first time... more
Austin  Stephen R. Best

Stephen Best

Austin, TX Foreclosure
Avvo rating 6.7
Fred is friendly, knowledgeable, and good at explaining legalese. He helped me set up my corporation and... more
Austin  Frederick E. Walker

Frederick Walker

Austin, TX Bankruptcy & Debt
Avvo rating 8.9
Duke and Flo make a great team - they both spent a lot of time on my case. This process was not easy for me... more
Austin  Albert Duke Hildreth

Albert Hildreth

Austin, TX DUI & DWI
Avvo rating 8.8
Tom and Whitney are the ultimate professionals. Communication with them was thorough and totally up-front...... more
Austin  Tom Max Thomas II

Tom Thomas

Austin, TX Debt Settlement
Avvo rating 10.0
Mr, Casey was a wonderful help to me. I had never ever been in trouble in my life and was faced with a very... more
Austin  Jeffrey R. Casey

Jeffrey Casey

Austin, TX Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 6.5
Tom was great!! Very happy I found him. I'm a single mom with three children and he was able to help me. He'... more
Austin  Tom Max Thomas II

Tom Thomas

Austin, TX Debt Settlement
Avvo rating 10.0
Doug O'Connell was able to get my case dismissed, and I am extremely grateful. He made no promises but did... more
Austin  Douglas K. O'Connell

Douglas O'Connell

Austin, TX White Collar Crime
Avvo rating 6.8
Jake Gilbreath and his staff Took care and time to listen to me and prepare a good case. They are a good... more
Austin  James Scott Gilbreath

James Gilbreath

Austin, TX Family
Avvo rating 10.0


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