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I was faced with a mountain of debt and foreclosure. Mr. Clayton's office assisted with with getting my... more
Nashville  Terry Renease Clayton

Terry Clayton

Nashville, TN Lawyer
Avvo rating Attention
A couple of years ago, he represented me in court very professionally , kept me informed since the first day... more
Nashville  Stephen W. Grace

Stephen Grace

Nashville, TN Litigation
Avvo rating 7.2
I've known Rocky for about 13 years. We met in about 2002. He took a case for me when no one would. He... more
Nashville  L. Rocky McElhaney II

L. McElhaney

Nashville, TN Medical Malpractice
Avvo rating 10.0
Mr. Walker was first and foremost knowledgeable concerning the law. He is professional and compassionate.... more
Nashville  Michael Kerr Walker

Michael Walker

Nashville, TN Divorce & Separation
Avvo rating 7.1
I have gone through a hard year of trying to get a divorce and while my divorce is still not over I would not... more
Nashville  Tarsila Reybitz Crawford

Tarsila Crawford

Nashville, TN Family
Avvo rating 6.8
My ex-husband and I had everything agreed upon and just needed a lawyer to walk us through the paperwork and... more
Nashville  George Avery Mott

George Mott

Nashville, TN Lawyer
Avvo rating 6.3
When my mother passed, I was overwhelmed with all of the Legal matters that came along with an estate. I was... more
Nashville  Tara Hawley Carter

Tara Carter

Nashville, TN Probate
Avvo rating 6.3
When my father passed away, our family wasn't prepared to handle the legal issues that followed. Luckily we... more
Nashville  Tara Hawley Carter

Tara Carter

Nashville, TN Probate
Avvo rating 6.3


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Nashville has long been associated with the music industry, and is home to the world's longest-running live radio program -- the Grand Ole Opry. The Grand Ole Opry is currently hosted in the world's largest broadcasting studio, which has a seating capacity of 4,400.

A little-known fact is that the Grand Ole Opry was started by an insurance company, the former National Life and Accident Insurance Company. At the time, it was part of Nashville's only radio station.

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