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It took a year to even get an answer from anyone at this firm about my case. Then when they got me a settlement, they... more
Pittsburgh  Craig Thor Kimmel

Craig Kimmel

Pittsburgh, PA Debt Collection
Avvo rating 9.6
My wife and I have used several attorneys and law firms in the past. Therefore, we feel we have a base of comparison.... more
Pittsburgh  Mark T. Coulter

Mark Coulter

Pittsburgh, PA Trusts
Avvo rating 8.6
Maureen was knowledgeable, thorough and responsive to my needs from start to finish in working with me to settle my... more
Pittsburgh  Maureen P. Groden Gluntz

Maureen Gluntz

Pittsburgh, PA Estate Planning
Avvo rating 9.1
Janice is not only a terrific lawyer, but a wonderful person as well. She treated me with care and compassion during a... more
Pittsburgh  Janice Q. Russell

Janice Russell

Pittsburgh, PA Bankruptcy / Chapter 7
Avvo rating 7.5
Mr. Uhrich has done two of my pfa cases and lost both of them for me. The first one was dropped due to Mr. Uhrich... more
Pittsburgh  Timothy G. Uhrich

Timothy Uhrich

Pittsburgh, PA Family
Avvo rating 6.8
I retained Mr Greene to reunite me with my son (3/15/10) for 5000.00. I informed him that time was of the essence, and... more
Pittsburgh  Theodore F. Greene III

Theodore Greene

Orlando, FL Family
Avvo rating 7.7
Having worked for the firm, and based on information that I witnessed and obtained from other employees, Kenneth Horoho... more
Pittsburgh  Kenneth J. Horoho Jr.

Kenneth Horoho

Pittsburgh, PA Family
Avvo rating 7.4
I have had mixed results from her guidance. I am not going to reveal my identity, but she is not truthful nor is she... more
Pittsburgh  Paulette P. Parker

Paulette Parker

Washington, DC Financial Markets And Services
Avvo rating 6.5


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Pittsburgh is one of small number of cities that use the "burgh" spelling rather than "burg." In 1890, the United States Board on Geographic Names decided that the "H" was to be removed from all cities ending in "burgh."

Official city documents ignored this decision, and continued to the use the Pittsburgh spelling regardless.

In 1911, the Geographic Names Board finally relented. In the face of numerous complaints from Pittsburgh residents, the name of the city was officially reverted back to Pittsburgh. However, confusion over the spelling of the city remains to this day.