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Keegan is an excellent attorney. She defended me twice and got an excellent deal both times. Very... more
Oklahoma City  Keegan Kelley Harroz

Keegan Harroz

Oklahoma City, OK DUI & DWI
Avvo rating 7.9
I tried to follow the American dream and opened a small business by using credit cards to invest in it, then... more
Oklahoma City  Anna Self

Anna Self

Oklahoma City, OK Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Avvo rating 6.8
I've known John for a couple of years now and have had the opportunity to see his work ethic and compassion... more
Oklahoma City  John Lawrence Branum

John Branum

Oklahoma City, OK Car Accidents
Avvo rating 8.3
Mr. McKenzie is an excellent attorney. He is knowledgeable, motivated and personable. I had complete... more
Oklahoma City  David McKenzie

David McKenzie

Oklahoma City, OK Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 10.0
John was amazing he took the time to explain the situation, he covered the three things I was most upset... more
Oklahoma City  John Lawrence Branum

John Branum

Oklahoma City, OK Car Accidents
Avvo rating 8.3
John Grave is the complete package. When faced with overwhelming legal and financial injustices our... more
Oklahoma City  John Howard Graves

John Graves

Oklahoma City, OK General Practice
Avvo rating 9.4
Very impressed. Michael answered the phone first time I called his number. He called me back within a couple... more
Oklahoma City  Michael A. Risley

Michael Risley

Oklahoma City, OK Expungement
Avvo rating 8.4
I did end up looking up this attorney and calling her myself. Although I did not hire her (her retainer was... more
Oklahoma City  Carla Leann Harcourt

Carla Harcourt

Oklahoma City, OK Child Custody
Avvo rating 7.9


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In early 1889, the Unassigned Lands in Oklahoma were officially opened for settlement. A massive land rush followed almost immediately afterward.

Oklahoma City sprung up literally overnight, as nearly 10000 settlers claimed the valuable land in the area.

Many lawsuits arose in the days that followed, including Smith v. Townsend, which caused many settlers that had laid claims in Oklahoma City before the area was been opened for settlement to lose their lands.

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