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I had a great experience working with Mr. Alex Cuic. He's very knowledgeable, confident,friendly and he knows... more
Cleveland  Aleksandar Cuic

Aleksandar Cuic

Cleveland, OH Immigration
Avvo rating 8.6
Based on my experience with this attorney, do not hire him. My experience proves he was not trustworthy, not... more
Cleveland  Jaye Marc Schlachet

Jaye Schlachet

Cleveland, OH Lawyer
Avvo rating 6.5
Was told 2 weeks ago that paperwork for filing for judicial release of my son was done and ready to file.... more
Cleveland  Patrick Dichiro

Patrick Dichiro

Cleveland, OH DUI / DWI
Avvo rating 6.5
I moved from an apartment complex on August 30, 2014. I left my apartment spotless in order to receive my... more
Cleveland  Jann Collette Washington

Jann Washington

Cleveland, OH Foreclosure
Avvo rating 7.4
Benjamin Calkins works tirelessly for his clients. Very much a family man, he is true to his word and a... more
Cleveland  Benjamin Calkins

Benjamin Calkins

Cleveland, OH Corporate / Incorporation
Avvo rating 9.0
I am a student from Kent State University. Ms.Jiang helped me on my business establishment case. She is... more
Cleveland  Lei Jiang

Lei Jiang

Cleveland, OH Corporate / Incorporation
Avvo rating No concern
I met Mr Couture through a mailing from a filing at the courthouse. I have receive the most professional and... more
Cleveland  Bernard Peter Couture

Bernard Couture

Cleveland, OH Lawyer
Avvo rating 6.5
Mr. Kirner handled a divorce situation I was going through, and in the early stages of it, some items needed... more
Cleveland  Peter Stephen Kirner

Peter Kirner

Cleveland, OH Divorce / Separation
Avvo rating 8.5


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The neighborhood of Ohio City was once an economic rival of Cleveland. In 1836, this rivalry reached the boiling point. By constructing a new bridge at Columbus Street and removing an old one at Center Street, Cleveland diverted merchant traffic towards Cleveland and away from Ohio City. What followed was the Bridge War.

Nearly 1,000 Ohio City inhabitants attempted to destroy the Columbus Street Bridge, and were opposed by the Cleveland militia. Amazingly, only two people were injured.

The fighting stopped when the county sheriff intervened and obtained a court order against further interference. After much discussion, a new bridge was constructed at Center Street to replace the old one.

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