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Jensen & Jensen has helped me to get the O-visa about 3 years ago, and green card this year. I am very happy... more
New York  Peter Torben Jensen

Peter Jensen

New York, NY Corporate & Incorporation
Avvo rating 7.5
I hired mr feinberg for bankruptcy court I was horrified by his lack of knowledge in my matter, and the way... more
New York  Eric Feinberg

Eric Feinberg

New York, NY Lawyer
Avvo rating 6.5
When I first spoke with Eric Feinberg, he came across as caring and knowledgeable. Unfortunately within... more
New York  Eric Feinberg

Eric Feinberg

New York, NY Lawyer
Avvo rating 6.5
Very helpful!!! Always available for clients. Works his hardest to get the best possible outcome. Denis is... more
New York  Denis Petre

Denis Petre

New York, NY Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 7.9
We hired Katia about 3 years ago to handle all the green card files of the subsidiary I was in charge of,... more
New York  Katia Jamaica Leiselsen

Katia Leiselsen

New York, NY Immigration
Avvo rating 6.9
I wouldn't recommend Rosen as a litigator. His price is out of proportion relative to his value and the... more
New York  Richard Lewis Rosen

Richard Rosen

New York, NY Franchising
Avvo rating 7.6
I was recently involved in a transaction with Craig Meltzer and was very impressed by his service and his... more
New York  Craig Fred Meltzer

Craig Meltzer

New York, NY Lawyer
Avvo rating 6.7
Mark is a true professional and is a pleasure to see him do his work in court and in person. Mark Sherman is... more
New York  Mark Daniel Sherman

Mark Sherman

New York, NY Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 9.2


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New York City is known for its awe-inspiring sites, historical achievements, and diverse population.

One major milestone in New York City history is the founding of the stock exchange. The world’s biggest stock exchange NYSE began in 1792. History reveals that people began trading on 68 Wall Street beneath the shelter of a buttonwood tree. The first listed company was the Bank of New York, created when stockbrokers signed the Buttonwood agreement that decided the trading rules.

Since then, NYSE has a US$16.613 trillion market capitalization. This stock exchange is quite a milestone in New York financial history.

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