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I had met with deportation problem in US. but now i am get out of all legal deportation cases with the help of Naresh... more
Flushing  Naresh M Gehi

Naresh Gehi

Flushing, NY Immigration
Avvo rating 8.5
I will strongly recomend Mike to anybody wit DWI case.I was arested for DWI. I ask Mike for help- and he did amazing... more
Flushing  Michael Dreishpoon

Michael Dreishpoon

Flushing, NY Car / Auto Accident
Avvo rating 10.0
I was facing 4 felony charges and 4 misdemeanor charges and got offered minimum 2 and a half years in jail for drugs... more
Flushing  Mahmoud R Rabah

Mahmoud Rabah

Flushing, NY Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 7.3
As my mother's health is failing her desire to make sure that all her assets would be protected led us to seek out an... more
Flushing  Roman Aminov

Roman Aminov

Flushing, NY Elder Law
Avvo rating 9.4
I would definitely recommend these lawyers to my friends
Flushing  Robert Aronov

Robert Aronov

Flushing, NY Lawyer
Avvo rating 6.3
In 1986 Eileen and Dave represented me in a divorce. I was working hard and had nothing but an infant son & alot of... more
Flushing  Eileen Joyce Potash

Eileen Potash

Flushing, NY Divorce / Separation
Avvo rating Attention
I was looking for lawyer to get administrative letter. I came accross with Law offices of Roman Aminov and make... more
Flushing  Roman Aminov

Roman Aminov

Flushing, NY Elder Law
Avvo rating 9.4
He is a very intelligent lawyer. Ben knows what to do and always give me a lot of options and reason on how to win my... more
Flushing  Benjamin Blatt

Benjamin Blatt

Flushing, NY Car / Auto Accident
Avvo rating No concern


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Flushing, New York is notable for its history of serving as a refuge for those who were religiously persecuted. Flushing formed as community located just off Main Street. Much like how the English took over the colony from the Dutch, the name is a turn on the Netherlands town name Vlissingen.

Those who differed from the religious affiliation of other New Englanders settled in this area to find religious freedom, including the Society of Friends who fled Protestant persecution in the 1600’s. Later in the 1800’s, African American’s came to the area as they sought the safety and acceptance that the Quakers received there.