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If you look up facts about the city of Las Cruces in New Mexico, you may find that each year in October, it builds the world's largest enchilada at the "Whole Enchilada Fiesta.” But did you know that it boasts a chain of ghost towns close by?

One such ghost town is Chloride, 120 miles to the north of Las Cruces. An 1880 mining town, Chloride became a boom town when silver ore was discovered. Once bustling with 9 saloons and 3,000 rock miners, it now stands as a museum, abandoned long ago but now restored to show what it must have been like in those days.

Newly found records point to the demise of the town. The less rowdy people settled in a new town over 2 miles away and Chloride dwindled and now has just 9 residents today.

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