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Adam Hocutt was an outstanding attorney who provided incredible personalized service. I never felt like I was... more
Charlotte  Adam Samuel Hocutt

Adam Hocutt

Charlotte, NC Personal Injury
Avvo rating 8.0
This was my first time using legal services for a costly speeding ticket. Kimberly was very professional and... more
Charlotte  Kimberly Ann Olsinski

Kimberly Olsinski

Charlotte, NC Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 7.8
Mr. Asbill Client Communication has clearly not been an essential aspect of his representation. I had a... more
Charlotte  Craig Owen Asbill

Craig Asbill

Charlotte, NC Brain Injury
Avvo rating 6.7
Charlotte Immigration Law Firm helped my wife to get her permanent green card. We were told, that the process... more
Charlotte  Alexandru Virgil Muntean

Alexandru Muntean

Charlotte, NC Immigration
Avvo rating 5.9
Mr. Seifer was Awesome. I am so glad I chose him to represent me. Him and His firm kept me up to date on... more
Charlotte  Adam M. Seifer

Adam Seifer

Charlotte, NC DUI / DWI
Avvo rating 10.0
Mr. Witt was very prompt getting back to me. I was so impressed. We had some miscommunication about... more
Charlotte  Jason David Witt

Jason Witt

Charlotte, NC Divorce / Separation
Avvo rating 10.0
Alex took on my very complicated immigration status case. He methodically and merticuloisly unravelled my... more
Charlotte  Alexandru Virgil Muntean

Alexandru Muntean

Charlotte, NC Immigration
Avvo rating 5.9
From my very first appointment with Mr Duncan he was informative and explained everything in detail and... more
Charlotte  Damon Terry Duncan

Damon Duncan

Charlotte, NC Bankruptcy / Chapter 7
Avvo rating 10.0


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In 1799, a boy named Conrad Reed found a 17-pound rock in a creek bed in nearby Cabarrus County. His family used it as a doorstop for three years until a jeweler discovered that the rock was actually a gold nugget.

Quartz veins containing yet more gold were soon found beneath the Reed farm, and the first gold rush in U.S. history began. Charlotte was soon transformed from a small village into a regional financial center.

While the gold mining in Charlotte eventually slowed, the city remains a financial center to this day.

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