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Jynell is a remarkably bright and gifted attorney. She was instrumental in representing our interest with... more
Indianapolis  Jynell Dawn Berkshire

Jynell Berkshire

Indianapolis, IN Real Estate
Avvo rating 6.3
She was such a nice attorney and the entire Hankey staff was amazing. Stacy explained things very clearly and... more
Indianapolis  Stacy Jane Crider

Stacy Crider

Indianapolis, IN Workers Compensation
Avvo rating 7.2
This is what he told me when i spoke to him recently. I told him i wanted to sue the traffic court and he... more
Indianapolis  Christopher W. Grider

Christopher Grider

Indianapolis, IN Speeding / Traffic Ticket
Avvo rating 6.5
Don't ever contact this lawyer under any circumstances ! Simply talking to him on the phone will ruin your... more
Indianapolis  Gerry M. Wendrovsky

Gerry Wendrovsky

New York, NY Landlord / Tenant
Avvo rating 9.3
Being involved in a child custody case could be a very scary and stressful time. Having the right attorney... more
Indianapolis  Frank H Kerney III

Frank Kerney

Tampa, FL Family
Avvo rating 7.4
Tripti has been very responsive and handles all our emergencies very promptly. She has gone out of her way... more
Indianapolis  Tripti Sharad Sharma

Tripti Sharma

San Jose, CA Immigration
Avvo rating 8.5
Ken is an attorney that fights for his client’s best interest. I had to engage his services twice and both... more
Indianapolis  Kenneth Lee LaBore

Kenneth LaBore

Minneapolis, MN Nursing Home Abuse - Neglect
Avvo rating 10.0
Mr. Nayee has been a pleasure to work with. He showed a genuine concern and care for my mom and our family,... more
Indianapolis  Karan Nayee

Karan Nayee

Tampa, FL Family
Avvo rating 7.6


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