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He help my wife and I with her immigration status. Gave us updates, answered every question, and was always... more
Fort Lauderdale  Bennett Lloyd Grossman

Bennett Grossman

Fort Lauderdale, FL Immigration
Avvo rating 7.7
I hired him trusting I was in good hands I think he should concentrate on his family ! He bills you for the... more
Fort Lauderdale  Joel Leon Kirschbaum

Joel Kirschbaum

Fort Lauderdale, FL Divorce & Separation
Avvo rating 6.5
My experience with Nadia Pazos was over the top excellent. She always kept me up to date with what was going... more
Fort Lauderdale  Nadia Leah Pazos

Nadia Pazos

Fort Lauderdale, FL Family
Avvo rating 8.2
I was referred to Jason Blank by a friend and the first meeting I had with Mr. Blank I knew that he was the... more
Fort Lauderdale  Jason B Blank

Jason Blank

Fort Lauderdale, FL Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 10.0
Puedo decir mucho del abogado luis alberto guerra quien me ayudo con mi caso de inmigracion el abogado luis... more
Fort Lauderdale  Luis Alberto Guerra

Luis Guerra

Fort Lauderdale, FL Immigration
Avvo rating 9.8
They gave me the worst customer service I have ever had. The lady picked up and hung up the phone. Then I... more
Fort Lauderdale  Chad Thomas Van Horn

Chad Van Horn

Fort Lauderdale, FL Bankruptcy & Debt
Avvo rating 9.6
It took 3 years because of Bank of America and there bad practices and dealings. Alex stayed with it and got... more
Fort Lauderdale  Alex Arreaza

Alex Arreaza

Fort Lauderdale, FL Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 4.5
There are all kinds of Lawyers. Good Lawyers... Bad Lawyers... Great Lawyers... And the all too rare "One-... more
Fort Lauderdale  Inger Michelle Garcia

Inger Garcia

Fort Lauderdale, FL Lawyer
Avvo rating 4.4


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Fort Lauderdale began as a farming town, but over the past century has become a hub of tourism. People from the African Diaspora have come to live in this city of diversity and have ties to its early history.

African American history in Fort Lauderdale began with workers and slaves serving on Spanish ships in the 16th century. In the 1800’s, a black cook, whose name has never been discovered, helped open an overnight camp and ferry.

Known as the Stranahan Trading Post, this endeavor helped launch what is now downtown Fort Lauderdale. It still exists today for tours to the public.