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Mr. Friedman was my life savor in the midst of one of the most stressful and anxiety producing legal situations of my... more
Fort Lauderdale  Steven E Friedman

Steven Friedman

Fort Lauderdale, FL Divorce / Separation
Avvo rating 6.5
Mr. Sorota has handled several cases for me and my husband in the past 15 years. House closings, Foreclosure fight, and... more
Fort Lauderdale  Alan Mark Sorota

Alan Sorota

Fort Lauderdale, FL Foreclosure
Avvo rating 6.7
I sought advice from Mr. Tucker regarding an invention. I found Mr. Tucker knowledgeable, but more importantly, he... more
Fort Lauderdale  Matthew Sean Tucker

Matthew Tucker

Fort Lauderdale, FL Litigation
Avvo rating 6.5
I was pulled over after picking up a rental car, coming from lunch at the beach. I had just landed and was looking to... more
Fort Lauderdale  Robert David Malove

Robert Malove

Fort Lauderdale, FL Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 10.0
Attorney Patrick Leduc is a life saver and been a blessing. If it weren't for him I may have not continued to keep full... more
Fort Lauderdale  Patrick Nelson Leduc

Patrick Leduc

Tampa, FL Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 10.0
My wife is Somali and we were turned away from other attorney's due to the complexity of our case but Joel accepted us... more
Fort Lauderdale  Joel Friedman

Joel Friedman

San Diego, CA Immigration
Avvo rating 8.0
He is representing my son and I have been trying to contact him to no avail. He doesn't seem to be answering my sons... more
Fort Lauderdale  Ira J Shiflett

Ira Shiflett

Kingman, AZ Criminal Defense
Avvo rating No concern
I have been doing business for well over 20 years now and worked with many professionals and specifically many many... more
Fort Lauderdale  Michael Kohan

Michael Kohan

Manhasset, NY Litigation
Avvo rating 6.3


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Fort Lauderdale began as a farming town, but over the past century has become a hub of tourism. People from the African Diaspora have come to live in this city of diversity and have ties to its early history.

African American history in Fort Lauderdale began with workers and slaves serving on Spanish ships in the 16th century. In the 1800’s, a black cook, whose name has never been discovered, helped open an overnight camp and ferry.

Known as the Stranahan Trading Post, this endeavor helped launch what is now downtown Fort Lauderdale. It still exists today for tours to the public.