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I've had the pleasure of knowing James for over a decade and never did I think I would ever need him for his... more
Fort Lauderdale  James Kaye Weick Jr.

James Weick

Fort Lauderdale, FL Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 8.9
Mr. Malove wasn't very knowledgeable regarding my case. A WPB FL Dentist (perio) severed my lingual nerve... more
Fort Lauderdale  Stephen Lawrence Malove

Stephen Malove

Fort Lauderdale, FL Lawyer
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As a member of the US Military I needed a lawyer to assist me with getting my wife through the complex... more
Fort Lauderdale  Daniel B Sibirsky

Daniel Sibirsky

Fort Lauderdale, FL Immigration
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As a single father with a professional certificate and a great deal at stake, I was faced with a legal... more
Fort Lauderdale  Tarlika Teresa Nunez-Navarro

Tarlika Nunez-Navarro

Fort Lauderdale, FL Criminal Defense
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I had a phone consultation with Mr. Brauwerman and I feel very optimistic about my case. I am in a somewhat... more
Fort Lauderdale  Jeffrey Norman Brauwerman

Jeffrey Brauwerman

Fort Lauderdale, FL Immigration
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Loan Lawyers and Chezky Rodal helped my wife and me immensely. We had been fighting with a debt collection... more
Fort Lauderdale  Yechezkel Rodal

Yechezkel Rodal

Fort Lauderdale, FL Credit Card Fraud
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I needed a lawyer quickly to look over a contract I needed to sign. Brian Breiter came recommended to me by a... more
Fort Lauderdale  Brian James Breiter

Brian Breiter

Fort Lauderdale, FL Wrongful Death
Avvo rating 10.0
When I got arrested I was being told all different stories from different attorney's I was recommended to... more
Fort Lauderdale  Michael David Becker

Michael Becker

Fort Lauderdale, FL Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 6.4


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Fort Lauderdale began as a farming town, but over the past century has become a hub of tourism. People from the African Diaspora have come to live in this city of diversity and have ties to its early history.

African American history in Fort Lauderdale began with workers and slaves serving on Spanish ships in the 16th century. In the 1800’s, a black cook, whose name has never been discovered, helped open an overnight camp and ferry.

Known as the Stranahan Trading Post, this endeavor helped launch what is now downtown Fort Lauderdale. It still exists today for tours to the public.