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The Reeves Law Group earned 5 stars with their work on my case. Investigator was awesome. They helped me... more
Santa Ana  Blaise Garrett Patzkowski

Blaise Patzkowski

Santa Ana, CA Personal Injury
Avvo rating 6.8
Gordon is a very passionate attorney. We are very pleased with the results of our case.
Santa Ana  Gordon Glen Phillips Jr

Gordon Phillips

Santa Ana, CA Personal Injury
Avvo rating 8.6
Aaron is very helpful with any questions you have. Very honest and dependable. He worked very well with my... more
Santa Ana  Aaron Todd Hicks

Aaron Hicks

Santa Ana, CA Personal Injury
Avvo rating 9.0
After being involved in a minor motor vehicle accident (I was rear ended on the highway), a friend referred... more
Santa Ana  Jeffrey Shawn Hughes

Jeffrey Hughes

Santa Ana, CA Car / Auto Accident
Avvo rating 8.4
I would recommend Mike Moran to anyone looking for a trustworthy Attorney that specializes in Elder Law. He... more
Santa Ana  Michael Francis Moran

Michael Moran

Santa Ana, CA Elder Law
Avvo rating 9.7
I would recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a Attorney that specializes Elder Law, neglect, or abuse. She... more
Santa Ana  Lisa Trinh Flint

Lisa Flint

Santa Ana, CA Lawyer
Avvo rating 6.3
In 2010 I was charged with DUI. Although I had a blood alcohol content of .007 and no criminal record I was... more
Santa Ana  Lolita Jean Kirk

Lolita Kirk

Santa Ana, CA Family
Avvo rating 6.8
I hired Martina Vigil for $16,000 and have second guessed myself every waking moment. I was represented by... more
Santa Ana  Martina Anne Vigil

Martina Vigil

Santa Ana, CA Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 8.1


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Santa Ana has a unique history as part of Orange County. At the turn of the century, a Victorian mansion was built by Dr. Howe and his wife Willella, both well-known physicians in their town. The mansion cost $3,000 to complete, which was a fortune in those days.

At the time, it was regarded as the nicest home in the area. What is now know as the Dr. Howe-Waffle House has become a permanent fixture in Santa Ana, thought it was moved for an urban renewal project in the 1970’s.

Dr. Willella Howe-Waffle was one of the country’s first female physicians. She practiced medicine for 38 years, delivering 1,000 babies in her time as a doctor. She completed her medical education in Santa Ana, where she set up practice.

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