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As a small business, we have utilized the services of this lawyer since 2010. However, we recently had an... more
Long Beach  Gordon E Gray III

Gordon Gray

Long Beach, CA Intellectual Property
Avvo rating 6.7
Briana Kim called with less the day and half before my hearing. She saw me the next day and got... more
Long Beach  Briana Minsun Kim

Briana Kim

Long Beach, CA Employment / Labor
Avvo rating 7.5
pacheco was court appointed. he had no time to discuss my case. made me feel like i was a bother and inconvenience to... more
Long Beach  Ernesto Pacheco

Ernesto Pacheco

Long Beach, CA Securities / Investment Fraud
Avvo rating No concern
Jee helped us recover a large sum of money that was taken during the break up of a trust. Another trustee took the... more
Long Beach  Jeehyun Yoon

Jeehyun Yoon

Long Beach, CA Litigation
Avvo rating 5.4
I had the opportunity to hire Jee and from day one I was very impressed with how she handled our case. She was... more
Long Beach  Jeehyun Yoon

Jeehyun Yoon

Long Beach, CA Litigation
Avvo rating 5.4
One of the best. She is smart, hardworking, and she knows the law, the judges and the prosecutors. She is extremely... more
Long Beach  Regina Lane Scherer

Regina Scherer

Long Beach, CA DUI / DWI
Avvo rating 7.4
Would I recommend this lawyer?? Never. I would never recommend this lawyer, ever. Unless you are a masochist... more
Long Beach  Carolyn Jean Martin

Carolyn Martin

Long Beach, CA Lawyer
Avvo rating 6.7
John always returned my phone calls the same day, or even within a couple of hours! He was very easy to reach and very... more
Long Beach  John Feely

John Feely

Long Beach, CA Landlord / Tenant
Avvo rating 5.6


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Long Beach is home to the famous Queen Mary, a ship built in the UK in the 1930’s that sailed its way through the Great Depression, World War II, and the 40’s and 50’s as a transatlantic travel vessel. Since 1967, it has sat off the coast of Long Beach, CA as a hotel and tourist landmark.

The rich history of Queen Mary is best described in her WWII days, when over 16,000 American troops traveled aboard. This is still the standing record for most passengers ever transported on one vessel.

Adolf Hitler once offered a quarter of a million dollars and the Iron Cross to the captain who could sink the Queen Mary. Winston Churchill also sailed aboard the ship, signing the D-Day Declaration during his travel.