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The more I studied the Patent Process, the more I came to appreciate Mr Ryan's intellect, knowledge and... more
Fresno  Richard Alan Ryan

Richard Ryan

Fresno, CA Patent Application
Avvo rating 6.5
To those who read this review, I hope you find it informative and a tool that you can use to make you're... more
Fresno  Morvarid Mary Moshrefi

Morvarid Moshrefi

Fresno, CA Divorce / Separation
Avvo rating 10.0
He's the real deal. He's honest too. I would highly insist that you retain his services. He got my case... more
Fresno  Michael Gene Idiart

Michael Idiart

Fresno, CA DUI / DWI
Avvo rating 9.0
I had the pleasure of working with this firm in a personal injury case. Automobile accidents are certainly... more
Fresno  Robert Allen Koenig

Robert Koenig

Fresno, CA Car / Auto Accident
Avvo rating 10.0
I finally found an attorney who cared. I tried to represent myself and that WAS BAD!!! Even legal aid was... more
Fresno  Samer Abdel-Moti Salhab

Samer Salhab

Fresno, CA Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 9.3
Hagop helped me through a bit of a rough patch a few years ago and made the process and painless as it could... more
Fresno  Hagop Tatios Bedoyan

Hagop Bedoyan

Fresno, CA Bankruptcy / Chapter 11
Avvo rating 10.0
I was involved in a hit and run accident a few weeks ago. I called in spoke to Vivian, then was able to speak... more
Fresno  Robert Allen Koenig

Robert Koenig

Fresno, CA Car / Auto Accident
Avvo rating 10.0
My experience with Frank Nunes has shown he is a professional that is focused, timely, and gives a honest... more
Fresno  Frank Marvin Nunes

Frank Nunes

Fresno, CA Car / Auto Accident
Avvo rating 10.0


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Situated in San Joaquin Valley, Fresno is the top agricultural county in the US. The city of Fresno is a top producer of the food for our nation, and even a large part of the world.

The raisin industry began in Fresno County in 1875. Frances Eisen, a wine aficionado, left his grapes on the vine accidentally and they dried out.

Another part of Fresno’s rich agricultural history is the wheat farming, which was revolutionized when its residents and Moses Church developed irrigation canals.

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