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After being highly recommended by another lawyer he dedicated his time to go through my file/history to... more
Phoenix  Jason D Lamm

Jason Lamm

Phoenix, AZ Criminal Defense
Avvo rating 7.2
We went to see Mr. Powell about Bankruptcy. However it was very hard for us to think of going this route. My... more
Phoenix  Donald W Powell

Donald Powell

Phoenix, AZ Bankruptcy & Debt
Avvo rating 10.0
I remember when Lerner and Rowe told me from the very beginning that they would do their very best to help me... more
Phoenix  Richard Gillard Hutchison III

Richard Hutchison

Phoenix, AZ Wrongful Death
Avvo rating 8.1
Suzannah came recommended to me by an attorney from another state that was working on my case. I wanted an... more
Phoenix  Suzannah King Maclay

Suzannah Maclay

Phoenix, AZ Immigration
Avvo rating 8.3
Jon is a very good moral honest person that is easy to determine upon meeting him. This gave me a feeling of... more
Phoenix  Jonathan S Collins

Jonathan Collins

Phoenix, AZ Family
Avvo rating 7.7
Her advice and consultation were very effective in helping me deal with an extremely difficult landlord. Her... more
Phoenix  Jami M Goldman

Jami Goldman

Phoenix, AZ Social Security
Avvo rating 10.0
My life drastically changed in 2014. I found myself in court scared and needing a lawyer. The court appointed... more
Phoenix  Roy C Whitehead

Roy Whitehead

Phoenix, AZ DUI & DWI
Avvo rating 10.0
Called this wonderful man his morning discussing my legal issues with a parole violation Mr Perlman had no... more
Phoenix  Daniel R Perlman

Daniel Perlman

Phoenix, AZ DUI & DWI
Avvo rating 10.0


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The history of the Phoenix area begins with Hohokam civilization, which could have started there as early as 300 B.C.E. The first farmers of Phoenix, they built an impressively elaborate irrigation system in the Pueblo Grande before mysteriously disappearing a little over 500 years ago.

In addition to still using some of these canals, if legend is believed the citizens of Phoenix also owe their city's name to the Hohokam. According to legend, pioneer Darrell Duppa saw the ruins of the Hohokam people and, believing another civilization would be born from the remains, dubbed the city "Phoenix" after the mythical bird that rose from the ashes.