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Why hire an Alimony attorney?

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney will help you file a repayment plan to your creditors so that you can keep your property and have your debts discharged. Contact a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer to see if you are qualified to file for bankruptcy. Your attorney will tell you whether your secured debts (such as a mortgage or car loan) and unsecured debts (such as a medical or credit card bill) meet the amount of debt eligible to file.

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Did You Know?

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Only three percent of divorcing men receive alimony. In 2010, there were 12,000 male alimony recipients compared to 380,000 female alimony recipients.
* Sources: /perinc/new09_007.htm
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There are many facets of family law. From marriage to civil unions, alimony to child support, if you have a family-related legal issue, you will want to research and find a family law attorney who specializes in your area of need. A lawyer well-versed in family law will help you determine if you have a case and how to proceed under the law to achieve the best outcome.

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Child Support

If you are a custodial parent seeking child support or if you have been ordered to make payments to your ex-spouse or partner, then you will benefit from the services of an established child support attorney. An experienced child support lawyer will negotiate with both parents, calculate the amount of support, and be an objective voice in ensuring the best outcome for the child.

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If you and your spouse are considering dissolving your marriage, whether through legal separation or divorce, a divorce attorney can be a valuable investment. Even if you think you will be able to file for divorce without a lawyer, a knowledgeable divorce attorney will negotiate alimony, child custody, child support, and division of assets, saving you time and money in the long run.

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Uncontested Divorce

If you and your spouse have come to the agreement that you no longer wish to be married, you will benefit from the services of an uncontested divorce attorney. An uncontested divorce is a mutually agreed upon arrangement by the couple and does not involve a judge. An uncontested divorce attorney will advise you on how to divide your assets quickly and with much less financial burden, as well as help you legally finalize your divorce.