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  1. Boulder Agriculture Attorney William Doran Wombacher

    William Wombacher

    Boulder, CO Agriculture Attorney
    Licensed for 5 years
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  2. Boulder Agriculture Attorney Amy M. Mowry

    Amy Mowry

    Amy centers her practice around real property and natural resources matters, helping landowners and interest holders navigate the complexities of property law across the Rocky Mountain... more
    Licensed for 9 years
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Agriculture law sets rules for cultivating soil and planting, raising, and harvesting crops. Other regulated activities include dairy farming, poultry farming, and ranching. With the increasing use of biotechnology and biochemical engineering, agricultural activities can have a major impact on the environment. Because we are exposed to so many agricultural products (flowers, plants, wood, fish, eggs, milk, leather, fruit, vegetables, meat, sugar, plastic, cotton, fabric, fuels, and pharmaceuticals, to name a few), agriculture law includes many safety and quality control regulations. If you are concerned about a farming practice or process, an agriculture lawyer can help.