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  1. Bay Village Advertising Lawyer Shannon Cooper Strachan

    Shannon Strachan

    Cleveland, OH Advertising Lawyer
    Licensed for 25 years
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  2. Bay Village Advertising Lawyer Joseph Peter Fegen

    Joseph Fegen

    Westlake, OH Advertising Lawyer
    Licensed for 19 years
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Advertising lawyers specialize in product claims made to consumers. Different products have different rules—for example, cigarette ads may not be shown on television, and prescription drug ads must include information about side effects. Advertising laws require truthful product descriptions on packaging and labels. Other laws prohibit bait-and-switch strategies, where an unavailable, cheap product is advertised to lure you in for a more expensive one. If you are marketing a product, an advertising lawyer can help ensure that your marketing messages comply with advertising laws. You would also consult an advertising attorney if you have made a purchase based on an advertised claim that you now believe to be false.